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We are based in Surrey.

We aim to answer all emails with 24 hours.

More information about Bengal and Burmese cats and kittens can be found on the following sites.

Feline Advisory Bureau

Burmese Cat Club

GCCF the feline equivalent of the Kennel Club

Burmese Cat Society

Testimonials from existing Catamarian kitten owners.

Hope you like the pix, Gypsy has settled in very well, eating drinking, playing and sleeping!!!!
We will give you a regular update of her as I m sure you are missing her. Please dont worry she is very much loved and part of our family now and knows that I m sure.
If you are down are way anytime feel free to give us a call and maybe pop in to visit. If we do make a holiday in December are you still able to have her?

Thanks for bringing her into our lives
Di and Marcus

I just wanted to let you know your boys are doing great. We are keeping them mainly in our bedroom still but letting them out for more or less full range of the house for quiet times during the day when Bart is at school. They are great with their food fresh tuna is a big hit.
Names wise Bart has decided quite of his own accord they should be called Toffee and Cocoa or Fudge - Still tricky to distinguish between them unless holding them - one has a thiner tail and eats less but eats fine if encouraged - they are so playful and so affectionate and purr the moment they are picked up. They are going to the vet for a check up on Monday. they do masses of chasing each other down corridors and climbing up dressing gowns hanging on doors all the way to the top. A delight.

Hi Marion and Ian,We thought we would take this opportunity to write to you and let you know that Pecan is doing fine and seems to be very at home. He is very talkative and affectionate and seems to have an entire vocabulary that is all his own. He has also found a way to slide down the shelf by the banister, which he enjoys a lot! Attached is a picture of our darling young man who totally rules the house and our hearts. He does not like the hot weather so we constantly find him under the bed, but in the winter he climbs in Bed with us. He is like our own electric blanket. We can not thank you enough for him, how is his little sister. I often wonder what it would have been like having the two of them. He is a great eater and cat nip drops he will take your hand off. But he is the biggest softy you could ever meet in more ways than one. Thank you again. Linda & Tony.

They love being outdoors in the pen & have eaten most of my pot plants, Syrah has tried to climb out, but can't get past the overhanging bit, she is a real adventurer, and is much admired at our vets, all of whom seem to have a real soft spot for bengals. Owen adores Ziggy, and it is a real testiment to his good nature that I found him sprawled on his back accross the sofa, purring madly whilst Owen tried to put his fingers in Ziggys mouth and tickle his paws.

Dear Ian & Marion
Hope you liked the photo! Rambo (Dougal) & 'Private' Ryan - still having to be saved - (Digby), are much bigger, bolder, & living the life of Riley every day.

Rambo finally earned his ASBO & I nearly got him a 'hoody' coat & baseball cap to go with it! He's the Daddy's boy & Ryan - still recognizably smaller - is definitely a Mummy's boy!

They went to Keith Butt last week for THE operations & everything went fine.Rambo, as you know, had to have his tummy's shaved & he has a big scar/stitches, which he shows off at every opportunity (he thinks it makes him look tough) Ryan just keeps looking to see where his have gone!

I took them back to Cole Park last Friday & they have been spoilt rotten ever since. Poached plaice & finely chopped seared scallops are a huge hit. (I'm not joking) - If it were possible, Ryan would choose a nice Chablis, but Rambo would stick to Tennants Extra from the can!

Anyway, country life is fabulous for them. you should be really proud, your early care & socialisation has paid off. True to Burmese nature, they're never far from a human being - trying to 'help'! gardening is a great pastime - wait for someone to make the flower beds look nice & then use them as the worlds biggest litter tray! They work as a team & a very loud SOS goes out when they're apart for more than a couple of minutes.

Lots of love
Julie x

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