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Catamarian are breeders of Bengal and Burmese Kittens in Surrey and Sussex between Guildford and Horsham.

We have been breeding Bengal and Burmese cats for many years and are fully registered with the GCCF. We are members of various affiliated cat clubs specialising in both breeds.

The Covid situation has altered our approach. We no longer breed Bengal kittens. Please click the link to see an update on when we may next have any Burmese kittens available.

Salomes Bump Burmese and Bengal Cross  by Catamarian Salomes Bump
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Our kittens come with pedigree paperwork, 4 weeks insurance, full vaccination and kitten packs.

Burmese and Bengal kittens from Catamarian are best kept either indoor as a house cat or in a home where they have access to a safe and secure, enclosed garden. Our prime concern as breeders of fine cats is to only place kittens in long term, good, loving homes. Born in a kitten box in our bedroom, they have been our 'babies' for 13 weeks..

At Catamarian we are always happy to give advice and information to anyone considering allowing a Burmese or Bengal cat to own them. Further advice on these lovely breeds can be found on the contact links.

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