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About the Burmese breed of cats

The Burmese are social animals and assume that they are a member of the human race - albeit superior.. From the time they can first crawl across the floor the will seek human interaction. As they grow and play, the desire to invade your space, your lap, straddle shoulders, 'assist' in whatever you are doing, and snuggle under the duvet at night (without invitation!!! ) is inbuilt. Most Burmese owners are not certain if they (the cat) are part of your family or if you are of theirs. To quote Joyce Seville a respected breeder and contributor to the Burmese cat club "The need of Burmese cats for human company is immensely flattering and good for the ego ".

Blue Boy and Brown Girl

Burmese cats have a manic period, often in the early evening, and known variously as the mad half-hour, crash helmet time, or black-eyed fever. Here they will quite suddenly begin to hooley around the house, perhaps shred a piece of paper as if their lives depended on it, pose - back arched and tail bushed - at nothing in particular, critically examine the top of the open door before leaping in a bound to the floor (via your shoulder), and so forth. Sometimes it seems they really can hurtle horizontally round a room at waist height - yet there is no damage or injury caused. When, soon after, they collapse, purring on your lap as if nothing has happened you are left speechless with the sheer cheek of the 'butter-wouldn't-melt, who? Me?' expression...as you replace the furniture.

Burmese do not like to feel neglected and if they cannot get sufficient attention or stimulation can become depressed, and with that there may be behavioural difficulties. Another cat or dog will usually suffice, but it is for this reason that many reputable breeders of Burmese will not permit a single kitten to go to a new home if they are going to be alone for periods of time. It is essential that this is understood by any new keeper of the Burmese.

The Burmese are not like other breeds. They need your company, and before you know it, you will need them too. They will be a friend for life.

The coat of a Burmese should be short, fine, satin-like in texture, lying close to the body. The glossy coat is a distinctive feature of Burmese and is indicative of good health. Cats should be well muscled with good weight for size, lively and alert. It is often said that the cat should weight more than it looks. The various registered Burmese coat colours are:

Brown (27) - the original Burmese colour, a rich warm seal brown.

Blue (27a) - a soft blue-grey with a silver sheen.

Chocolate (27b) - a warm milk chocolate - (known as Champagne in the USA).

Lilac (27c) - a pale sandy grey with a pinkish hue.

Red (27d) - tangerine points on slightly paler background.

Cream (27f) - cream with a hint of pale tangerine on the head and back.

Brown Tortie (27e) - brown with shades of red (varies from almost white through to tangerine mingled in the coat with occasional patches)

Blue Tortie (27g) - blue with shades of cream as above

Chocolate Tortie (27h) - chocolate with shades of red as above

Lilac Tortie (27j) - lilac with shades of cream

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