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About the Bengal Breed of Cats

Although Bengal Cats are a hybrid cat and are derived from a different breed of wild cat - namely the Asian Leopard Cat, their care is very similar to that of a normal domestic cat.
Bengal's can be fed a diet of top grade tinned cat food and a total dried food diet. However, they will always appreciate a treat such as a strip of raw beef which they will "attack and kill" before eating. Bengal's should only be given water to drink.

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Bengal's are active cats, and like any other cat should have their claws clipped regularly to prevent them climbing and damaging furnishings. Some may splash in their water bowls and if this occurs the bowl should be placed in a tray.
The Bengal Cat is the most popular of the modern hybrid cats which have been produced by mating a wild cat with a domestic cat. The Bengal is the result of mating an Asian Leopard Cat with a domestic cat, usually in most cases an Egyptians Mau, then the only true spotted domestic cat. Being hybrids the first and second generation (F1 and F2) males are sterile as are many of the third generation (F3). However, fortunately females are normally fertile, and with careful breeding the Bengal Cat we know today was developed by Jean Mill in the U.S.A.
It is not until the fourth generation (F4) that the hybrids are fully recognised as Bengal's, and can be exhibited on the show bench.

There are two coat patterns, spotted and marbled, each of which can be found in two main colours Brown and Snow.


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